Media Sponsor Announcement - Craft Critique

We are happy to welcome Craft Critique to the next Chicago Craft Social as one of our media sponsors!

Craft Critique features the best in crafting from product reviews to projects to crafty event coverage.  It is all the best in crafting all in one spot.  The reporters of Craft Critique test and review all crafting supplies and tools.  They try before you buy!

Some of the Craft Critique reporters will be on hand at the event June 18th to lead some projects and cover this amazing event for their site.  Come out to meet and chat craft with them!


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Anonymous said...

I saw a couple comments asking about the reason for the cost increase and why the projects aren't posted in the faq section but haven't seen any replies. It would have been helpful to know what the projects are in order to take advantage of the preregistration discount. Could someone from Chicago Craft Social please reply?

Thank you.

Amanda said...

There will be more projects released on Thursday, June 9. If you have any more questions, please email us. Thanks for checking back.