Sponsor Announcement - Scor-Pal

We are excited to have a new sponsor for the upcoming Craft Social, Scor-Pal.  This handy scoring tool is going to be a hit next Friday because they have also sponsored a table so you can get some hands on experience making a great project!

Scor-Pal Products have an array of outstanding products for Card Making and Scrapbooking. The most popular scoring tablet on the market today is the Scor-Pal. The grooves are deep, the scor-tool is formulated and shaped to fit in place giving you outstanding crisp, deep exact scores for professional folds each and every time. Multiple scores, boxes for example or for accordion fold can be done all at one time as you don't have to move the paper and the score measurements are perfect. You can make boxes, envelopes, cards etc. and on the Scor-Pal web site there are over 160 full tutorials on how to make different projects. You can print out these tutorials.

Strictly for Cardmakers is the new Scor-Buddy. It is smaller in size, has grooves at every 1/4" and some 1/8" grooves and comes with its own tote bag. It is great for taking to classes. retreats or your friend' house s for a fun afternoon of card making.

Scor-Tape is the best double sided adhesive available due to its superior holding power. The smallest width 1/8" is perfect for ribbons or wider sizes to hold beads, sand and glitter. The 1/2" size is great for boxes.
Finally our glitter Clean Up Cloth is a must have if you like to work with glitter but not have it all over yourself and the house. It wipes up all the remaining residue and everything sticks to the cloth. It does not shake off.


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