Sponsor Announcement - H&H Industries Desk Lamps

Our newest prize sponsor is H&H Industries featuring the Vi-Tek 93® PLUS Ergonomic Desk Lamp. We have been using the lamps at the Craft Social craft soom and love them, we want another one for the office!

The Vi-Tek 93 Plus bulb in the lamp is the only general-purpose fluorescent that simulates natural outdoor daylight. Now you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of natural outdoor light on your desktop - or anywhere in your craft room or office! The adjustable gooseneck design lets you put the light exactly where you want it .You'll get 10,000 hours of maintenance-free light, 10 to 13 times the life of standard bulbs. Although covered by a one-year Free-Replacement Warranty, the Vi-Tek® lamp will last about five years in normal office use at eight hours for 250 working days a year. For quilting or crafting purposes, you shouldn't have to replace the bulb for over 5 years.

The benefits of the Vi-Ttek desk lamp are:
  • Delivers 120 watts of natural light.
  • Improves seeability and visual comfort.
  • Provides near-perfect color rendition.
  • Produces 28% less glare than conventional CFL's.
  • Reduces computer screen glare.
The regular retail price of these lamps is $99.99, but for Craft Social friends and fans, you can email Len Tomasello, our dedicated sales rep, and receive a $10 discount. That's a top of the line task lamp for only $89.99 (+ applicable tax and shipping), much less than lamps of lesser quality, that have a shorter lifespan. This lamp is also available in a floor lamp and the manufacturer will also offer you a $25 discount on it as well, just contact Len for details.

We look forward to giving this prize away at the next Craft Social on Saturday, January 22 at Catalyst Ranch. We know whoever wins this awesome lamp will be a happy crafter!

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