Prize Sponsor Announcement - Tulip® Body Art™

Thanks to Tulip®, self expression has never been easier and more fun!  Tulip® Fashion Art introduces Tulip® Body Art™, a comprehensive collection of temporary face and body paints and accents that allow you to celebrate your personal style in a very creative and unique way! With Tulip® Body Art™, the world is your gallery and YOU are the work of art!

The Craft Social prize includes Glitter Tattoo Kit which makes over 70 tattoos lasting up to 5 days, Hypoallergenic Paint, Nature Stencil containing 25 stencil designs which are reusable and self-adhesive to use with body glitters and paints, a set of brushes to apply glitters and paints (or maybe just your face) with Tulip Body Art, a comprehensive collection of safe, cosmetic-grade face and body paint products that will allow you to celebrate your personal style like no one else.  Whether you’re a sports fanatic, dancing queen or party host, you’ll discover just how quick and easy Tulip Body Art makes creating temporary art on your body. Blur the lines between fashion, self-expression and makeup with Tulip Body Art!

Come to Craft Social, this Saturday, at Catalyst Ranch, for your chance to win this amazing new product line.

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