Prize Sponsor Announcement - VersaSpin 360

Craft Social is pleased to announce a last minute prize sponsor, VERSASPIN 360.  Tomorrow we will be giving away a VersaSpin360, three sets of Painters Pyramids®, and one set of Grabbers.

VERSASPIN 360 is a unique and versatile project support system that allows you to securely elevate and effortlessly rotate projects to improve results, save time and save effortFor projects that include wet paints, glues, clay and even cake frosting, the VersaSpin 360 allows access to all sides without touching the wet surfaces.  Many other diverse projects, including flower arranging and sanding or light machining, benefit from the secure and stable support VersaSpin 360 provides.

The easy-to-use VersaSpin 360 comes complete with both Painter’s Pyramids® and GrabbersTM, each offering specialized benefits across multiple projects.

PAINTER'S PYRAMIDS® provide non-stick, minimal touch support that securely elevates 'wet' projects involving the use of paints, stains, glues, etc.
•     Rounded, non-stick point makes only minimal contact with the object being painted or glued. 
•     Formulated of a proprietary high density polymer to which paints, stains and many glues do not adhere.
•     Allow you to complete all sides of a project in a single session.

GRABBERS™ provide significant contact, high friction surface support for any project or operation where firm placement is beneficial. Some examples include: light machining, sanding, flower arranging, cake decorating, etc. 

Painter’s Pyramids® securely elevate your project off the work surface so you can save time, save effort and improve results on many arts and crafts projects. Painter’s Pyramids can be:
  • Used alone to elevate a project
  • Mounted to a work surface
  • Secured to one another
  • Combined with Grabbers on slippery work surfaces
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