Project Sponsor Announcement - Relief Printing Sponsored by Blick

Participants will get a down and dirty in Relief Printing 101 that will result in a print of their very own!. Each person is given a piece of linoleum and a set of carving tools. Participants then draw an image of their choice onto their linoleum and begin carving away!. After the carving is done, we roll ink onto the linoleum with a brayer and then transfer the image onto paper. Shazam! a magical print to take home and enjoy forever. Relief is a reductive process, so whatever is carved away will show up as a clean line.

Dick Blick Art Materials is sponsoring Craft Social for the first time, welcome! Blick Art Materials is the premier art supply source for professional artists, students, and teachers, and continues to be a family-owned business. Blick's annual Artist's and Educator's catalogs, more than 500 and 600 pages, respectively, are considered industry "bibles." They also offer hundreds of printable lesson plans and video workshops for teachers, and product videos for artists, to help them with their purchase decisions and techniques. Plus, they've expanded the reach of they're retail stores to most major urban areas, including Evanston Illinois, and they expect to add new locations every year.

Matt Nichols, fearless printmaker, resides in Chicago, Illinois and holds a BA in Art Practice from U.C.Berkeley and MFA from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Matt enjoys snorkeling, graphic design, and wood working. He also has a cat named Blanche that looks like a gargoyle.  Matt is one half of the print business and bag maker Fiori Falsi, along with Jessica Taylor Caponigro who has contributed to Craft Social in the past.
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Hannita said...

Loved the printmaking! Thanks Matt. I went to Blick yesterday and spent more money that I should have to get supplies to explore more of this art form. This is why I love Craft Social.