November Craft Social Postponed

Because Craft Social is such an undertaking, logistically, and because we here at Craft Social HQ have day jobs, we have decided to cancel the event previously scheduled for November 5. We know, we know, you were really excited to come out and craft, we were too. But life gets in the way of crafting sometimes, maybe you can relate?

So here's the basic problem. Forget all this "we" stuff, it's really just me, Amanda Edwards. I put on Craft Social by myself now, and Craft Social HQ, it's my sunroom/office/craft studio. So, Craft Social has gotten to be so chock-full of awesome stuff, like goodie bags, prizes, with corporate product sponsors, 15+ projects in diverse mediums every time and new and loyal project leaders, it has become pretty overwhelming. And really, despite some perceptions, it doesn't really make any money to speak of, for me. So, while I love getting free stuff in the mail from sponsors (just imagine 100 bottles of Mod Podge and 100 scissors of every shape and dimension in your dining room!), and I love meeting new project leaders at places like Renegade Craft Fair, plus you guys out there who contact me to be a part of it all, it's kind of un-sustainable. That is, unless some of you believe in Craft Social as much as I do.

You see, it's really great to get together in a community of like-minded people, people who love to make stuff, and make friends with at least one or two of them. I know of a scrapbooking group that got together from one of the events, and one of our project leaders even got a job out of the deal. Plus there are many more of you who I see having fun and meeting new people at these events all the time!

So, if you want to help out in some administrative capacity or organizing way, if you love events and can juggle all sorts of emails from creative people all around the country, or if you have spare room in your house for free stuff, I want to hear from you! I think with a committee approach we could make this work again and continue having Craft Social events. Now I can't pay you anything, see note about not making any real money above, but you can get your pick of free craft supplies and know that you are helping a lot of people "Make stuff, and make friends."  I know this is a lot to ask, but so many people lately have been urging me to have more events and even encouraging me to reach out to you, I figured I would give it a shot. 

So if you're interested in the future of Craft Social, shoot me an email (craftsocial[at]gmail[dot]com) and we can talk about what level of involvement you would like to have.

Craft Socialite at heart,


Catherine said...

I would love to help with the storage aspect of the craft social as well as putting together the bags if needed.


chuy said...

Hi Amanda, just sent you an email

Amanda said...

Catherine, I'd love to have your help. Can you email me at craftsocial[at]gmail[dot]com? Please include your contact info and we can discuss how we can work together!


chuy said...

Hi there I spoke with the owners of Limiri LLC and they too would love to get involved with this social.