Free Craft Free For All - Saturday, March 17


This past Sunday I dropped into the always neat fiber and yarn studio in Andersonville, Sifu Design Studio and spoke with the owner, Lisa. Now, Lisa is very cool and full of ideas so we cooked up the idea of this *Free* Craft Free For All afternoon on Saturday, March 17 from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm, at Sifu Design Studio, 5044 N. Clark Street, in Chicago. You can show up with your own project to start or finish, bringing your own supplies and maybe even some of your stuff to de-stash and share. Lisa will have some craft leftovers to share, but this is really an opportunity for you to get together and socialize, working on your own thing. I am absolutely sure that you will also find something in this store to fall in love with that you have to take home.

Sifu Design Studio has lots of neat needle and fiber arts supplies, and vintage stuff as well. Lisa's store is chock-full of yarn, project kits, knitting and crochet tools, embroidery supplies, needle felting stuff, some finished goods, all sorts of stuff, even a button making machine you can use! Her classes are great too. You can even bring some tucked away yarn or tools to de-stash and make a deal with Lisa for some store credit. Honestly, this woman has it all, and is a great teacher and very willing to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

So, I will be there on Saturday, probably working on something from the Work In Progress (WIP) basket that lives under a cocktail table in my living room. Let's hope I can break away from talking to all of those of you who can make it long enough to finish something - finally.  Hope to see you there!