Project Sponsor Announcement - Porcelain Pinch Pots sponsored by Maker & Maker

We are very excited to announce an exciting project that pushes the boundary of craft and art. Andy from Maker & Maker will be showing you how to make a porcelain pinch pot. After making your pot Andy will take your piece back to his ceramics studio in Chicago where he will fire it. The little elves from Craft Social will pick up your finished piece and mail it to you. Due to the customized delivery method there will be a $5 additional charge for this project, please bring exact change in cash.  It'll be worth it, because you will have your very own little pot with your finger prints on it to brag about.

Maker & Maker is an independently owned, ceramic design company based in Chicago that focuses on the production of expertly crafted, limited edition, functional and sculptural objects. Three ceramic artists from Chicago who appreciated the value of quality design and local craftsmanship founded Maker & Maker in 2009. Ali Gibbons, Andy Hunt and Tim Woodbrey first met as students in the ceramics department at The School of the Art Institute. Maker & Maker released their first product line in December of 2010 and exhibited at the Holiday Renegade show in Chicago, where we at Craft Social, met them. Maker &Maker is constantly designing and innovating and are looking forward to releasing a spring collection in June of 2011.

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