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This beautiful little knotted gem is called Tatting, and yes, you can learn to do this yourself !  Use this piece as a bookmark or just a decorative piece. Tatting seems to be a 19th century invention, although it seems to have grown out of the earlier art of knotting, which goes back to ancient times.  Stronger and smoother threads were developed in the early 19th century making it possible to make tatting easily, since the making of it puts strain on the thread.  By the Civil War, tatting was very popular in the United States and it stayed that way until the 1920s or 30s.  There is even a reference to tatting in Little Women.

Tatting seems to have been developed as a cheaper and easier method of making lace than the other ways that were known at the time. It is the easiest form of lace-making to learn.  Tatting is the only form of lace-making that cannot be replicated by a machine.  Tatting requires the human touch to make.

This project is generously sponsored by CloverClover offers the best and innovative tools in sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, embroidery and felting.  Clover Felting tools and accessories and Tatting Shuttles will be used at this event.  For more information about Clover visit or follow them on Facebook (Clover USA) and Twitter (@cloverusa).  

Come learn this antique traditional craft, this Saturday, with Lisa Gordon, owner of Lisa Gordon Events, a full-service, boutique wedding and events planning service.  She is also the proprietor of Lisa's Laces.  Look for her on Etsy under that name in a few weeks.  Lisa has been tatting since 1982 when her sister brought home the skill from college.  Her sister had learned from her college roommate who learned from her great-grandmother.  Lisa enjoys keeping this old art alive and, especially, teaching it to other enthusiasts of the fiber arts.

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